To select the right clients for a client-focus program, we identify together your ideal client profile, assess where you make the most profit and distinguish your differentiators. Using a combination of financial history, demographics and psychographics we uncover where the real value lies.


Quad 2 uses a balanced scorecard approach to track the metrics and to show success through identifying key performance indicators for financials, relationships, value creation and knowledge.

Client-Focus Change Management

Assess - Align - Implement - Measure - Sustain

Our client-focus change management program is designed to help you work with the right clients, building strong relationships that will grow your revenue, reduce your cost of sale and create ongoing client loyalty.


Client-focus is a culture that permeates your organization, creating alignment within technical professionals, marketing, human resources, accounting and technology. Through assessments, surveys and plain old observation, Quad 2 assists in making the alignment successful. 


Quad 2 works with you to implement a program that is sustainable. We don’t just come in and show you how to establish a program, we make it work for you. Sustaining a client-focus program requires annual assessments of your messaging and goals and it may require a change in structure for servicing your client base. On-going training is critical and we continue to focus on your return on investment and where the program dollars are spent.


With the right plan in place, you can develop the skills and attributes to deliver on it. Through research, strategy sessions, and creation of a relationship matrix Quad 2 works with organizations to develop client-focus business plans.

We consider what markets you want to grow and build where you want to strategically create new relationships, along with the practicality of executing that plan. Essential to the process is the development of a realistic Quad 2 timeline.

Once a plan is formed, we support its implementation with ongoing strategic team coaching to monitor alignment of the goals, remove barriers to execution, and maintain momentum.